Copyright Law Group Demand Letter

Did you receive a demand letter from Copyright Law Group based in Fairfax, VA? Many individuals are receiving demand letters from The Copyright Law Group about alleged copyright infringement cases. Here is an example of one such letter you may have received from The Copyright Law Group:

Copyright Law Group Demand Letter

Luckily, most of these letters notifying you of alleged piracy follow a similar form.

First, the letter notifies you that Copyright Law Group is representing a particular plaintiff in proposed copyright litigation. Next, the letter notifies you of the title of the allegedly infringed work. The notice goes on to notify you of the IP address that occurs in their records and the ISP to whom the IP address is assigned.

The letter goes on to discuss damages that are available in copyright cases. Finally, the demand letter offers a particular amount of money you can elect to pay to settle the matter with the plaintiff.

You should NOT ignore this letter. If you’ve received a letter like this you should contact an independent copyright attorney to understand your rights, obligations and options. You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions to read more about these types of matters and demand letters.