When it comes to copyright cases involving file downloading or torrent infringements, there are typically two categories of letters that you may receive. First, you may receive a notice from your ISP about a case in which you are involved. Later, you may receive a demand letter from the law firm that has sued you or is threatening to sue you.

Copyright Notice Letters from Internet Service Providers

Many internet service providers are sending letters about copyright infringement actions. Learn more about the various letters from internet service providers such as Comcast, Verizon, Charter, Qwest, Cox, and Time Warner. Each page has a brief description of the type of letter you may have received from your ISP notifying you about a subpoena or other copyright infringement notice:

Demand Letters from Law Firms

If you ignore the notice letter from your ISP, you will likely receive a demand letter from the law firm representing the Plaintiff that is suing you. Here are a few examples of such letters:

We will likely add more letters in the future as the copyright lawsuits continue to be filed.