Latest Malibu Media, LLC Lawsuits

Through the use of  IP address geolocation technology, Malibu identified numerous copyright infringers using Internet Protocol address traced to physical addresses located in Maryland. Thus, on May 30, 2014 Malibu instituted lawsuits against several individuals in Maryland docketed as: (1) Case: 1:14-cv-01734-JK; (2) Case:8:14-cv–01743-RWT; (3) Case:1:14-cv-01746-JFM; (4) Case: 1:14-cv-01747-JKB; (5) Case:8:14-cv-01748-PWG; (6) Case: 8:14-cv-01750-PJM; (7) Case: 1:14-cv-01752-ELH; (8) Case: 8:14-cv-01753-PWG; (9) Case: 8:14-cv-01754-RWT; and (10) Case: 1:14-cv-01755-MJG.