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The best way to contact Lexero Law Firm about a copyright letter or notice is to fill out the form to the right.

You can also call 855-4-LEXERO to get in touch with the copyright law firm.

Lexero Law Firm offers a flat fee of only $175 for a half-hour phone consultation. Your consultation will always be with a copyright attorney who has worked against many of the plaintiffs in the “industry” and has defense experience in numerous state and federal court matters. This offer is designed to give copyright letter recipients, many of whom may not be familiar with copyright law or the litigation process, a reasonably priced option for understanding the case and their options for handling the matter. Payment may be made via any major credit card.

The consultation is available to anyone who may have questions about these cases.

The consultation includes a review of the specific facts of your case, including any relevant documents. The consultation does NOT include formal legal representation in any matter unless you enter into a separate representation agreement with Lexero Law.