K-Beech Lawsuits

K-Beech is a company filing copyright infringement lawsuits against numerous John Doe Defendants. Most are captioned as K-Beech v. Does, at least initially. The root of the allegations in most of these cases is that the defendants downloaded the Plaintiff’s movie via a torrent protocol.

K-Beech has pursued its lawsuit(s) in the United States District Court for Maryland, Ohio, New York, Virginia and North Carolina. The firm may have suits in other jurisdictions, as well.

K-Beech is a movie studio that produces titles such as Gang Bang Virgins”. The lawsuits typically allege that their films are being shared without their authorization.

If you have received a letter from your internet service provider regarding a lawsuit by K-Beech or you have been named as a defendant, you should contact an independent copyright attorney that can assist you in the case.

Here is selection of cases that have been filed by K-Beech in various courts. Please remember that this is a representative list, and not all lawsuits are listed here:



K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 31 (Case:8:12-cv-000888-DKC)

Docket (01/10/2012)

Complaint (01/10/2012)

Memorandum (06/06/2012)



K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 29 (Case:2:11-cv-03331-JFB-ETB)

Docket (08/18/2011)

Complaint (08/18/2011)

Memorandum (01/10/2012)

K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 52 (Case:2:11-cv-03994-JFB-ETB)

Docket (08/18/2011)

Complaint (08/18/2011)

Memorandum (11/18/2011)

K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 37 (Case:2:11-cv-03995-DRH-GRB)

Docket (08/18/2011)

Complaint (08/18/2011)

Memorandum (05/08/2012)


K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 –  56 (Case:2:11-cv-00655-EAS-TPK)

Docket (07/20/2011)

Complaint (07/20/2011)

Memorandum (11/15/2011)

K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 48 (Case:1:11-cv-00487-SJD)

Docket (07/20/2011)

Complaint (07/20/2011)

Memorandum (11/16/2011)


K-Beech, Inc. v. John Doe (Case:1:11-cv-02371-CMA-MJW)

Docket (09/08/2011)

Complaint (09/08/2011)

Memorandum (03/30/2012)

K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 35 (Case:1:11-cv-01653-CMA-MJW)

Docket (06/23/2011)

Complaint (06/23/2011)

Memorandum (10/27/2011)


K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 20 (Case:3:11-cv-02140-JAH-BLM)

Docket (09/15/2011)

Complaint (09/15/2011)

Memorandum (02/13/2012)

K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 10 (Case:8:11-cv-01182-JST-MLG)

Docket (08/08/2011)

Complaint (08/08/2011)

Memorandum (10/20/2011)


K-Beech, Inc. v. Does 1 – 57  (Case:2:11-cv-00358-UA-SPC)

Docket (06/24/2011)

Complaint (06/24/2011)

Memorandum (06/28/2012)


Docket (08/22/2011)

Complaint (08/22/2011)

Memorandum (01/24/2012)