4: Twenty Media Lawsuits

4: Twenty Media, Inc. is a company filing copyright infringement lawsuits against numerous John Doe Defendants. Most are captioned as 4: Twenty Media, Inc. v. Does, at least initially. The root of the allegations in most of these cases is that the defendants downloaded the Plaintiff’s movie via a torrent protocol.

4: Twenty Media has pursued its lawsuit(s) in the Louisiana Western District Court and the District of Columbia District Court. The firm may have suits in other jurisdictions as well.

4: Twenty Media is a movie studio that produces titles such as “Teen Anal Sluts.” The lawsuits typically allege that their films are being shared without their authorization.

If you’ve received a letter from your internet service provider regarding a lawsuit by 4: Twenty Media or you’ve been named as a defendant, you should contact an independent copyright attorney that can assist you in the case.

Below is selection of cases that have been filed by in various courts. Please remember that this is a representative list, and not all lawsuits are listed: